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Thru The Lens – Episode 01 – Dorell Wright Skate Night

I am excited to announce my new web series, Thru The Lens!

Thru The Lens is a series I created to show a different side of what I get to shoot. Instead of just looking at a photograph, I take you “thru the lens” to give a more personal relationship with some of my friends and the people I work with. If you are interested in being apart of this series, please email me:

Check out episode 01 featuring NBA Player Dorell Wright raising money with a skate night for his D Wright Way foundation. Please visit for more info


JBL Week 4 (ft. Chris Brown)

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Finally getting around to posting this, but Chris Brown stopped by the JBL in Hollywood Highschool twice this summer to play for The Game’s team, Moneygang. Check out my first blog entry to see pictures of that game. Here are the pictures from his second game.

Please be respectful with these photos – If you re-post them, please leave my watermark on them.

Click on a photo below to see the album:




Drew League Week 1

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It’s back!! The 40 year anniversary of the Drew League has officially begun! I am very excited to be apart of this amazing league with great people. Everyone from the staff to the players are a blessing and pleasure to be around. This year Nike is the sponsor and they did a great job of presenting a very professional atmosphere to the league. They have re designed the website, have created an instagram page and will continue to update on their facebook fan page. Nike has also brought their own photographers to take pictures of the action around the Drew. I am still taking pictures, but you can find my pictures here on my sports blog, and as soon as my website launches in June, you can find the pictures there. Enjoy the photos and please feel free to share them! Thanks again for everyone’s continued support. This is my 3rd season with the drew league and I am excited for an amazing summer.

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Click on the photos below to see the pictures from Week 1!

DeMar DeRozan [Raptors;NBA] and Nick Young [Sixers;NBA]

Jordan Richard [No Shnacks]

Gilbert Arenas [MHP]

Chad Ocho Cinco [NFL]

Money Gang

The Game – “Ali Bomaye” Music Video

Those of you that follow my photography know that I have taken a lot of basketball pictures of The Game around LA this past summer. I was fortunate enough to be on set for his “Celebration” video set to take some behind the scene’s pictures. This week I had another opportunity to join The Game on set, this time for the filming of his new single for “Ali Bomaye”. It was a 2-day shoot.

Day 1 was in a location close to Downtown LA. Filming didn’t start until close to 10pm and it was FREEZING! You could tell the majority of the people on set were from California because we were all under dressed and shivering (haha). It was great to see The Game again – he is so inspiring with his “60 days of fitness” and healthy lifestyle he’s been promoting on his social networks. As the night went on, DJ Khaled and French Montana showed up on set for cameo’s in the video. As it got closer to midnight, Rick Ross came to film his verse. This set was rather small. Less than 50 people and they were all directly related to one of the artists there. Being an artist myself, I’m always inspired to see the creative process of how other artists operate in their creative environments. All of the artists on set were really great and all got along really well. It’s always inspiring to be around people who have accomplished so much in the entertainment industry.

Day 2 was in a studio close to Compton. This day had a LOT more people on set and being in doors, it was much warmer. As the camera crew began setting up, 2 chainz arrived. It’s cool to see how tall The Game and 2 chainz are. (6’4″ and 6’5″). I am 6’0″ and I always tend to be taller than everyone – so it was refreshing to see some artists who were tall! 2 chainz was funny and light spirited. After the two of them did their verses separately and together, 2 chainz headed home. To my surprise, Chris Brown came for a cameo. I am a big fan of Chris Brown’s and have been for many years. I got to work with him over the summer at the Drew League so it was really cool to be able to take pictures of him again, but in his musical setting. After filming ended, I snapped a photo of Chris Brown and The Game together. Afterwords, I had to ask Chris for a picture. He was very polite and very friendly. Every time I’ve gotten to talk to him, he’s been nothing but great. It’s really cool being able to meet someone you really admire and find out they’re everything you hopped them to be.

I took a lot of really great photos on set. Make sure to check out the Day 1 and Day 2 albums! Click on a picture to see the entire album!



Cal Poly SLO vs Long Beach State: MBB

Tonight is the big game between the number 1 long beach state and number 2 cal poly SLO. No matter what seed the opposing team is in, everyone bring their A game against Long Beach. This was another very close game – 9.6 seconds left in the game and the Long Beach 49ers only led by 2 points. UCSB was un able to answer and Long Beach in bounded the ball to James Ennis, who was immediately fouled. He knocks down both free throws, and Long Beach leads by 4. UCSB ran down the court to quickly hit a basket, but the game was over. The Long Beach games this season have been nothing short of exciting and entertaining. My next game will be when UC Irvine drives up to Cal State Northridge. Stay tuned!


Chris Eversley (SLO) and James Ennis (LBSU)

Click on the photo above to see the entire album!


UC Santa Barbara vs Long Beach State: MBB

Tonight was a match up between Long Beach State and UC Santa Barbara. The past 3 years have been an INTENSE rivalry between these two teams. UCSB being led by Orlando Johnson, James Nunnally and Jaime Serna. Long Beach led by Casper Ware, Eugene Phelps, Larry Anderson and TJ Robinson. This was a guaranteed packed house to watch the two greatest teams in the Big West go head-to-head. Tonight was much different – all of those players graduated last year, and now it was a new round of players. This game was certainly a close one – showing that neither team has given up their edge when it comes to playing against their reputations.

In attendance were Casper Ware and Eugene Phelps. Both players have had successful careers thus far overseas and were in town to visit. President F. King Alexander introduced both players to the crowd. He also gave Casper Ware the game ball that was used to win the Big West Championship last year. It was great for the fans to see these two players they had really supported and loved the past 4 years.

As the game went on, with 14.5 seconds left, both teams were tied at 55. Long Beach brings the ball in and UCSB un intentionally fouls Mike Caffey. He knocks down both free throws, giving LB the 2 point lead. With hardly any time left on the clock, UCSB rushes the ball down court and throws up a shot but doesn’t beat the buzzer. Long Beach wins in another very close game of this season. Long Beach continues to lead the Big West in wins. Next they will be playing the number 2 seed in the conference, Cal Pol SLO. Stay tuned…

Cal Poly Pomona vs Cal State LA: MBB

After watching the Long Beach vs UC Irvine game, I drove up to Cal State LA to support my friend Jordan Richard for CSULA and DeRon Scott for CPP. Since I already had my camera and I loveeeee taking pictures, I just sat on the sidelines and snapped some pics! Cal Poly came out victorious over Cal State LA. I might have to check out another game soon! Check out the pictures:

Jordan Richard (CSULA)

Cal State Northridge vs Long Beach State: MBB

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