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Kobe 8 System – Venice Beach

This past weekend was the Kobe 8 System at Venice Beach. Kobe recently launched his new shoe, the Kobe 8. They were letting people come down to the basketball courts and test out the new shoe. Over 5,000 people were in attendance to see the Black Mamba himself. The event started at 12noon, and there were already people gathering all around the court. Through my work with Nike I was able to receive a press pass to this event, so I was excited to be apart of it. They had two obstacle courses set up that people would run through to test out the new shoes. There were some familiar faces helping run people through the course – including Venice Beach players, Drew League players, and local College players.

The fans competing in this course were being timed, and at the end of the day 4 guys and 4 girls would be selected to do the course in front of Kobe. Finally 4 hours later Mr. Kobe Bryant started pulling up. The Venice boardwalk filled with people trying to get a glimpse of the legend himself. Kobe finally made his way over to the court and the crowd greeted him with loud cheers and applause. The 8 people chosen to compete ran through the course and at the end 2 winners were chosen and got to take a picture with Kobe and get an autographed pair of shoes. Kobe then walked around to try and say hello and greet as many fans as possible. He came over to the Media section I was at and spoke with some of the media outlets. I snapped some great pics as he was standing there. He then headed back to his car and left.

Overall it was a fun experience and I was glad to be officially apart of this event! Check out my photos!



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