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Clippers Carving Contest

Last week in the spirit of Halloween and pumpkin carving, Fox Sports West and the Clippers held a competition to carve the best “Clipper” pumpkin. This seemed like a fun idea and I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, so I was up for the challenge. I wanted to stand out from any other pumpkin, and I assumed the majority of people would be carving the clippers logo (which was exactly what happened). I decided to try something pretty difficult and carve Blake Griffin’s portrait into a pumpkin.

I had to find the picture I wanted, then create the design in photoshop, then plan out what areas to carve. Because this was something I had never done before, I honestly had no clue how it would turn out. After transferring my design to my pumpkin, I began to carve away. It took me about 2 hours to get the photo and design ready, and another 3 hours to carve the pumpkin. I thought it turned out pretty well. I posted it on instagram and asked everyone to “like” the photo who enjoyed the carving.

To my surprise, this photo got more likes than any other picture! With my two instagram accounts combined, the photo got over 500 likes. A couple days later the Fox Sports West girls had to choose a winner. I got an e-mail saying I had won, and they posted my photo on their website, facebook, twitter, etc… I am very excited to have won!! My prize is getting 2 lower level seats to a clippers game, and of course bragging rights 😉 My only hope is that Blake Griffin will see the pumpkin!!! *crossing fingers*

Here is the process of the carving. Enjoy!



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