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Drew League 2012 – Week 7

Casper Ware; Cheaters II

Click the photo above for Highlights!

With the lockout last year bringing major attention to local pro am leagues across the country, David Stern made it very clear that this year those leagues would not out shine the NBA again. This summer he came up with a rule that NBA players couldn’t play in any pro am leagues until the official season was over (June 30). Even though these NBA players are playing for free to support local inner city communities – communities in which a lot of people have never even been to nor could afford to go to an NBA game – Stern still was making the players pay the price for helping out their local communities. I understand that these players are under contract and technically the NBA can do what they want. I just don’t agree with fining players insane amounts of money over it.
This week we had last seasons MVP Casper  Ware join for his first game this summer. It was great to see him back on the court again. He is playing with the Detroit Pistons for the summer league. There are also some other guys from the Drew League participating in the summer league, such as Bobby Brown who is on the Toronto Raptors team! We wish both of them the best of luck!!

With that being said, Week 7 at the Drew League was the first week that the NBA players were allowed to play. Check out some of the highlights from the game


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