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LAUNFD: Baron Davis NBA Charity Game

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While planning this basketball game, word spread on Black Friday that the NBA lockout had come to an end. This game was supposed to be one of the many amazing opportunities to see NBA guys play during the lockout, but instead turned into the last charity game of the lockout. I was excited that I got to be one of the official photographers for this game. The last big game I had been to was the Drew League vs Goodman League rematch game at Long Beach State, and the vibe of this game was a lot different. I was in the locker room for about 2 hours before the game started, just hanging out and taking pictures. All of the players were in high spirits that they would finally be getting to go play again. There were no media allowed in the locker room, no reporters asking about the lockout. It was just all of the LAUNFD basketball guys having a great time and ready to play one last lockout game for their hometown fans.

The game was fun to watch. I think it’s safe to say that DeMar DeRozan was the MVP of the game – he had so many cool dunks. All of the guys put on a show for the fans, and the game actually tied and went into overtime. In the end, the away team won by 2 points. After the game the fans all got to come down on the floor and take pictures and get autographs with their favorite players. Be sure to check out the highlights that ballislife posted, and check out all of my pictures from the game! I’m glad the NBA lockout is over but I had the most amazing summer/fall/winter taking pictures and meeting so many new friends! I’ll never forget it. Basketball Never Stops πŸ™‚

The lighting inside the gym was not the greatest, but I did my best πŸ™‚


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