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LAUNFD: NBA Charity Event


First of all, If you haven’t heard of LAUNFD already, you need to go check them out right now!!!

Tonight they put on a charity event for United in Harmony. “United in Harmony’s mission is to provide homeless and impoverished children with hope and opportunities to develop positive self-esteem through interactions with teenage and adult role models”

Everyone in attendance that made a $5 donation to United in Harmony would get to take a picture with Baron Davis and get an autographed picture. LAUNFD not only brought out Baron Davis, but they brought out Dorell Wright, Craig Smith, and Tina Thompson. The event was held at Fox Hills Mall in Culver city at 6:30. When I got to the event, there was already people lined up to meet them! Baron, Dorell and Craig came on stage to welcome everyone for coming. Baron talked about how important it is to give back and really help these homeless children have hope and an opportunity to succeed in life. All of the proceeds donated to the event went straight to the Charity and straight to helping these children directly. It’s really great to see these amazing NBA guys come out and support the community, despite all of the trouble going on with the lockout.

LAUNFD was kind enough to let me come and take some pictures of the event! I had a great time and it was nice getting to see everyone that came out to support and show love. Be sure to check out all of the pictures I got from the event!


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