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Saturday: Flag Football – Brandon Jennings AIS vs Thurman Suttons Trim Squad


Last Saturday was another game for Brandon Jennings and team #AIS. They are undefeated at 5-0 going into this game. Two players from Trim Squad – Thurman Sutton and Bizkit – played last week for DeMar DeRozan’s team COMP10, and this time they were back to get some revenge. Brandon and his team have set the bar high for all the other flag football competitors, so this was a game that Trim Squad had to win

Same rules apply – first team to 70 wins. The game was very close. TrimSquad entered the lead and AIS was having trouble catching up. This game was going on much longer than the week before. As is it was getting darker and darker, I realized I had been so into taking pictures that I didn’t know what the score was. I went to ask some people and no one seemed to know. This carried on throughout..when finally we realized no one could agree on what the score was. TrimSquad was definitely in the lead, but were they up by 1 or 2 touchdowns? The game stopped while the guys were trying to figure it out. During that time, a large truck drives onto the grass blasting music. Looking over, it was the famous krump dancer Tommy the Clown. Brandon had invited him on twitter for the halftime show, but after not seeing him at halftime, I thought he wasn’t going to show up. A lot of the spectators for the game went over to see Tommy and his hip hop dancers.

Although many of the fans there went to watch, the football field did not lose focus. Once they all agreed on the score, the game continued with TrimSquad in the lead. There were some contrivercial plays – like whether or not a player from Trim Squad was in bounds when catching the ball making a touchdown, or certain players not having flags or flags being tied. AIS came back and started scoring touchdowns- the game seemed to be turning around for them. Ultimately, team Trim Squad won the game by 1 touchdown. TrimSquad is now 1-0, while AIS is 5-1.

After the game was over, everyone went over to Tommy the Clown and had a big dance battle between AIS and Tommy’s crew. Make sure to check out the video! My last post has the full length video of everyone, and below you can click on the edited version that just has Brandon dancing.

Although AIS didn’t come out with the win, they are still the number 1 flag football team in Cali to beat! Right now Brandon is on tour with Under Armour to play different high school teams, so there might not be a game this weekend.


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