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Saturday: Flag Football – Brandon Jennings AIS vs DeMar DeRozan’s COMP10


After the AIS 2 part game last weekend that led to them being 4-0, they took on a new team this weekend. They played against DeMar DeRozan’s team, COMP10. Some people that came to watch the game included Michael Strahan and Clipper Darrell.

There were some other NBA guys that came out to play in this game, including Matt Barnes and Corey Maggette. Matt Barnes started off the game real quick with a touchdown. Although AIS wasn’t far behind, it looked like COMP10 was going to be some serious competition. The same rules applied as last week – the first team to 70 wins. The game had finally come down to 63 to 63. Brandon was on his way to make a touchdown when someone from the sidelines of COMP10 illegally called for a time out, which made everyone stop the play. After this controversial call, AIS had to get another play to get this last touchdown. The final touchdown was made by bmelo from AIS, resulting in a very close victory. AIS is still undefeated at 5-0. Who will challenge them next?

To see the pictures from the game this past weekend, just click on the photo above to be taken to a photo album!



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  1. do they usually play on sundays? are we allowed to watch them play? which park do they play at? This lock out needs to end!

  2. Nice pictures. I’m guessing you follow Brandon on twitter. I been wanting to go out and watch them.


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