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Nike Real Run Week 2

To make up for missing out on basketball games this past weekend, I headed over to the Real Run on Monday night. Rumor had it that Lebron James was going to show up. Considering he showed up to the drew league just 2 days before, it didn’t seem far off to expect it. I got there early and there was already a line of people to get into the building. Before even walking inside, I could hear girls SCREAMING and everyone outside on their cell phones saying “Lebron is here, Im 100% sure”. So I walked inside and did a quick glance and didn’t see anyone that resembled Lebron. I was walking to the bathroom and ran into someone that was shooting around on the court. I didn’t think much of it but I turned around and realized it was Chris Brown. It made sense why the gym was already packed full of screaming girls. I had no idea Chris was going to be there, but I was glad I was there – he is definitely my favorite recording artist. After I took my seat, there was still a full hour before the game started, and the gym was getting so packed. The announcer kept insisting that Lebron was on his way, but the game continued regardless. Once again there were many familiar faces – including Cuttino Mobley, Kenneth Faried, Mychal Thompson, Bobby Brown, Marcus Williams, Deon Thompson and more…Chris Brown was playing for team LA Unified.

Every time Chris Brown had the ball, all the girls would go crazy screaming. Every shot he missed, they would still screamed they loved him. I do love Chris Brown a LOT, but I was playing it pretty cool. It was funny to hear what all the girls around me were saying though. I think its great that he has such a loyal fan base – the support anyone would love to have for living their dreams in life. So halftime came around and Lebron was still no where to be found. The announcer insisted that Lebron had just pulled up into the parking lot, and would be inside shortly. By the time the 4th quarter came around, there was still no sign of Lebron (hahaha no play on words). The score was already past the 100s – a really high scoring game. Finally the game had come to a close, and LA Unified won the game 149 to 139. Both teams played well and it was one of the most entertaining games to watch – not only because of the jam packed celebrities, but because of all the great plays and awesome dunks. As soon as the game ended, the girls RUSHED on the floor to try and meet Chris Brown – which that was already a disaster waiting to happen. He was immediately escorted out of the building, leaving all of the fans confused about whether he would return or not. Overall this was a great game that was a lot of fun to watch, and I hope to watch a lot more basketball games before the summer is over! I also took a bunch of pictures. I also have a video of Chris Brown dunking before the game started.

I didn’t just take pictures of Chris Brown though – I have pictures of a lot of the other players as well. If you want to check out all of the pictures, just click on the link below!


Here is the video of Chris Brown dunking:


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