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Dwight Howard at Comic Con 2011

This past weekend I wasn’t able to make it to the Drew League because I was headed to San Diego for Comic Con 2011. Now I have been an athlete my whole life and I love sports, but I am also an artist and a nerd at heart ❤ I was expecting to see all kinds of panels for my favorite TV shows and movies, and see all the cool costumes and fun things there are to buy. Now for anyone that doesnt know about Comic-Con, its wayyy more than a Comic Book convention. Back in the 70’s it started out as purely comic books, but over the years its gotten bigger and bigger. It is now a Pop-Culture convention – it’s got all the biggest A-list celebrities and more than 100,000 fans that go through the doors during the 4 day convention. For anyone that can’t get into the convention or just wants to walk around the downtown Gaslamp district, its a non stop party! I was headed to the convention on Saturday morning and someone outside was promoting one of the panels for a Disney XD cartoon. He said it was starting in a few hours and Dwight Howard could be there. whhhhhhhhhat? Dwight Howard? He’s like ya! I am such a huge fan of Dwight’s and he is my favorite NBA player – but I had no idea he was going to be down at Comic-Con. Ends up, Dwight is the voice of one of the characters by the name of Rock Callahan on the show Kick Buttowski. I had to wait in line for the panel before that one so I could get a good seat. When the Kick Buttowski panel started, they introduced the other people that worked on the show, but Dwight was no where to be found. 30 minutes passed by and they hadn’t said a single word about him and I was getting ready to just leave. Then someone on the panel said “Unfortunately, Dwight Howard could not be here today. He had a very busy schedule and wasn’t able to come to the panel”. I was thinking awwww man! I was just going to stand up and leave. Out of no where, all the lights cut out and they had spotlights on the door and Dwight Howard made a big entrance–everyone starts going crazy! He sat on stage and then the Questions and Answers started. Of course almost all of the questions were directed towards where Dwight will be playing next year.

The first fan said “I was just wondering are you coming to the heat?” – a couple people cheered but the audience started booing. I screamed out “LAKERS!!!” and he looked at me with this smirk. (I didn’t think I was so loud but I was sitting in the front row lol). He responded “no” and everyone started cheering again. Another person then asked “so does this mean you are coming to the lakers?” and everyone was clapping and cheering and Dwight responded “maybe-i’ll think about it”. After more questions, the panel ended and everyone rushed the front to try and meet Dwight. I just walked over to the end of the stage and when Dwight was walking off, I asked him for a pic. Also the photographer from getty images was there and took pictures of Dwight next to a cardboard cutout of his cartoon character, and I got in one of those pics too 🙂

Although I was bumbed out to miss all the fun games at the Drew League (including Lebron James coming out to support the drew) I was so happy that I was able to meet Dwight Howard. He was a funny guy and seemed like a great person. I have some pictures I took as well!


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  1. LOL deebo is so funny


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