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MBB: Big West Tournament – THURSDAY



Thursday, March 10, 2011

In this post I will give a brief description about each of the games, and then I will post the video highlights. I am still working on editing the games from Saturday from the tournament (which will be CSUN vs UCSB and UCR vs LBSU). I have footage from the girls games as well, but I won’t be posting that until I get some more time to edit it all. I will just post the games in order of which they happened. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions, I love hearing feedback about all of the stuff I do!

#1 Long Beach State vs #8 UC Irvine

Anyone that has followed LBSU’s season knows that they had the best record in the conference. They lost only two games all season – one of which they lost to UC Irvine. Don’t let the seed placement fool you – that is the exact statement that UCI brought to the court to prove. Going into this game, many people simply went off of the seed placement, and assumed that this game would be a blow out and LBSU would advance easily. After all, at the rate LBSU was going, there was no reason for them to not breeze through this tournament. It was the first game of the tournament, and it started rather early as far as basketball games go (12 noon).  Based off of what the game was going like, it looked as though LBSU thought this would be an easy game to get by, and they didn/t look to be at full energy. UCI took the lead and kept it quite steady and far. Long Beach came back, and the game was staying within a few points of each other. In the second half, Casper Ware went down with what seemed to be an ankle/foot injury and had to be carried off the court by his teammates. The game was really close, and the Long Beach fans had the biggest scare of the season – Losing their star player in the first round of the tournament. As Irvine continued to play strong, within minutes the MVP guard from Long Beach returned looking back to his normal self. The last minute of the game came down to the wire. Within 1 and 2 points, this was anyones game. UCI was down by 2 points and they ended up fouling LBSU’s Larry Anderson which gave him an And-1 to put Long Beach with a very steady lead of 5 points. UCI tried to come back but was not able to get the edge over LBSU. Long Beach advances to the next round, while UCI is the first team to go home. Despite the final score and the fact UCI lost, anyone that was at that game will tell you that this team gave Long Beach a scare during the game. If anyone had a chance to take out Long Beach, it was Irvine. Either way, this was a really fun game to watch. Below are the highlights from the game. There is a Short Version and an Extended Version.

Short Version:

Extended Version:

#4 Pacific vs #5 UC Santa Barbara

This game was something a lot of people probably didn’t know what to expect the outcome. UC Santa Barbara are the defending Big West Champions, and then this season they finished in 5th place. Like I said earlier, the teams in this conference are really good, and anything can happen. During the regular season, UCSB was 0-2 against Pacific. All of the stats were stacked against UCSB, but none the less, I decided to follow them throughout the tournament with filming highlights. Despite the final outcome of the game, the first half was really quite close. Santa Barbara’s star players really brought their game to the same level that won them their championship last year. When the second half came, it was clear that the gap would just continue to grow between the two teams. UCSB was playing like they hadn’t played all season long, and Pacific was struggling with stopping them from scoring. Amongst many of the cool plays, UCSB’s Orlando Johnson stole the ball and got a fast break dunk – it was pretty cool. After that dunk happened, I think everyone in the building that might have overlooked UCSB was now starting to see things differently. This team had come back and was not going to let anyone stop them. The game ended with a final score of UCSB 79, Pacific 67. It was also the first upset of this tournament. UCSB advances to Saturday’s Semi-finals, and Pacific will go home. Although the guys team goes home, Pacific still has their girls team in the tournament. They will play Saturday morning against Cal Poly SLO.  Below are the highlights from the game. There is a Short Version and an Extended Version.

Short Version

Extended Version

#2 Cal Poly SLO vs #7 UC Riverside

With the upset of the game just before this one, no one really knew what to expect. Cal Poly and UCR were two teams that were ranked low during the regular season, and then fought their way to come back and move up higher in the seeding positions. Cal Poly was looking unstoppable at the rate they were going, and UCR had been known for beating teams seeded higher than them during the regular season. With 4.8 seconds left int he 2nd half, Cal Poly had a 2 point lead over UCR and they fouled them, sending a shooter to the line. He had to make both shots in hopes of just going into overtime. He hit both, and then Cal Poly had one chance to try and score a long basket with the 4.8 seconds remaining. They were un able to hit a long shot, so the game went into overtime. Every time UCR would score, Poly would come back with a shot. Both teams were seeming pretty even, but Poly began to take the lead. With about 35 seconds remaining in Overtime, Poly leads the game by 1 point. UCR takes the ball down and drains some time off of the clock, and with 15 seconds left Kareem Nioto score a 2 point jump shot and gets fouled, sending him to the line. He makes the extra point, and UCR now leads by two points. Poly takes the ball in bounds, and they have one last attempt. A 2 point shot would send them into double overtime, while a 3 would win. Shawn Lewis takes the 3 point attempt, but gets his shot blocked, resulting in a possession for UCR. Poly immediately fouls, sending them one again to the free throw line. With only 1.5 seconds remaining on the clock, it seemed this game was a done deal for UCR. Daymond Cowlah knocks down both free throws, and time expires. This was the second upset of the day – and in my opinion, quite an un expected one. The final score was UCR: 70 Cal Poly SLO: 66. Below are the highlights from the game. It is of the last seconds of the 2nd half, and Overtime.


#3 Cal State Northridge vs #6 Cal State Fullerton

Anyone that knows me, knows that I went to CSUN and they are the reason I got started doing all of the highlights for them and the Big West. This was of course the game I had been anticipating all day long. Last year these two teams met in the first round of the Big West Tournament, and if for some reason you don’t remember what happened, you can simply search for the video on YouTube – it got a grand total of nearly 2 million hits in a little over 1 week. Last year CSUF had Gerard Anderson, who was infamous for his athleticism and scoring ability – but also his dunking. He has since graduated and moved on, as well as many players from last years CSUN lineup, but this was still a rivalry game for the two teams. Weeks before this game, CSUN had played CSUF in one of the more exciting games of the season. CSUN was down by 14 points and half time, and they managed to come back and win the game in the final seconds thanks to 2 key freshman – Josh Greene and Aqeel Quinn. This game seemed to run so smoothly for CSUN. They were on point with their offense, their defense, and even better, all of the calls the refs made were helping. Many players had some good moments in this game – especially CSUN’s Michael Lizarraga who got 4 blocks. There were times when CSUF was coming back and would close the gap quite a bit, but overall CSUN maintained their lead and won the game. The final score was CSUN 75, CSUF 54. Northridge will advance to the semi finals on Saturday, while Fullerton will leave the tournament. Below are the highlights from the game. There is a Short Version and an Extended Version.

Short Version

Extended Version


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