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MBB: Cal Poly Pomona Senior Night 2/25/11

So this past Saturday I traveled to a Non-Big West college game for the first time since I drove down to San Diego State to watch them play. Cal Poly Pomona was honoring their seniors, one of which is Kevin Menner. Those of you Matador fans know that Kevin Menner transfered last year to Cal State Northridge his Jr. year and played all last season with the Matadors. After that season, he headed over to play at Pomona. This was the only game I was able to attend, but it was a good one! They had senior honors before the game, and Kevin was the first player to be mentioned. After the ceremony was finished, all you could hear was a loud siren noise and bright flashing lights – someone had decided to pull the Fire Alarm. At first it was kind of funny – until it took nearly an hour for them to figure out how to shut off the system. Even the Cal Poly Mascot was running around holding his hands on his ears, making everyone laugh.

Once they finally figured out how to shut everything off, the game was ready to start. Poly having only 2 more games after this game, playoffs are right around the corner, and every win matters. I am not 100% sure about the standings for this conference, but Poly was a higher ranked team than their opponent Cal State East Bay. The game started off in East Bay’s favor, and it was starting to look like the Broncos were having a hard time gaining the lead. East Bay held their lead up until almost the 1 minute mark in the first half. Poly pulled out a couple last minute layups, putting them in the lead at halftime with a score of Poly 32 and East Bay 29. The second half you could tell both teams were hungry for this win. The lead was shifting back and forth, up until about the 13 minute mark when Poly took the lead. East Bay continued to maintain their lead, but they were unsuccessful and at regaining it. With 8 minutes left, East Bay was only trailing by 1 point, but the Bronco’s continued to push on. The final score ended on a solid lead of Poly 88, East Bay 71. My friend Kevin Menner had a great game finishing with a double-double and one of the top scorers on his team with 14 points. I did not film highlights, but I did bring my camera and get some pictures. I didn’t have my lovely courtside view that I get at all of the Big West games, so some of my pictures were a little harder to get a clear shot. But none the less, I had a great time! I will post some of the pictures, along with a facebook link to the entire album! Good luck in the playoffs!

Kevin Menner being honored for Senior Night

Kevin Menner shooting a free throw


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