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Los Angeles NBA All Star Weekend: Los Fearless

For those of you big NBA fans, the announcement of All Star Weekend being hosted in Los Angeles was announced about 2 years ago. Many people (including myself) have been anticipating this weekend for quite some time! Its fun knowing that all you’re favorite NBA stars and most of your favorite celebrities are only a quick drive away. The biggest question is, what is there to do? The events at The Staples Center and the Jam Session at the Convention Center are only the tip of the iceberg.

Although I can’t say everything that’s going on in Los Angeles because there’s a million things going on, I wanted to post about some popular events going on – particularly the Nike Los Fearless 2 on 2 tournament happening on Saturday the 19th hosted by Michelle Marie. There has been a hype going on about this tournament for the past couple of months, and it keeps growing larger and larger. Nike selected some of the best basketball players to compete in this 64 team fast pace competition with a grand prize of $2,000 for the winner. I have some friends who are playing in this, and I went with them on the first night of their secret meeting. It was the most scary looking place in East LA at a dark warehouse. It was so top secret, that if you’re name wasn’t on the list, you weren’t allowed anywhere near the entrance. Long story short – the guys in this tournament have had to go through a long and very top secret process preparing for this tournament. The location was released yesterday, and it is expected to have a big turn out.

Here’s a video showing the first night that I just described:!/video/video.php?v=585075307651

The defending champions from last years tournament are Team Mula which is made up of Kenny “KB” Barnes and Rashid “7 n sum change” Byrd. They took home first place and the prize money from last years tournament, and they are back this year even stronger to defend their title. Make sure to look out for them.

Another team to look out for is Team Shaw which is made up of Marcus Palmer (Twitter: @TheeRealMarkP) and Mjumbe Williams. They are some of the newer players in this years tournament who are coming in with a lot of energy looking to claim that top spot.

The tournament starts at about 12 noon and will go til 6pm. It’s located on in downtown LA. I will be taking some pictures and videos. Here’s the flyer for it

As far as any other events going on in LA such as the hottest clubs, parties, will have to do some of your own research. Or you can just drive down to Hollywood/downtown LA and walk around! Don’t let a little rain stop you 😉


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