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MBB: Cal Poly SLO at UCI 2/10/11

For this game Cal Poly San Louis Obispo traveled down to the Bren Center at UC Irvine. With Cal Poly being tied for 2nd place in the Big West Conference, and just last month UCI had beat SLO 65-53, this would prove to be a good game. Irvine started out with a strong start, keeping a strong defense against Poly and continuing to score their own baskets. A leading scorer for UCI – Eric Wise – was not playing this game due to a hamstring injury. Early in the first half, UCI’s Darren Moore and Poly’s Chris O’Brien both went up for a rebound, but O’Brien swiped at  Moore’s eye, which quickly sent Darren out of the game from this painful hit. Although UCI was maintaining a lead, Poly was catching up quickly with the absence of Darren Moore. Later  Darren would return despite his eye being injured, and come back to be a powerhouse on the floor. Although UCI and Poly would trade off with the lead, UCI was maintaining a strong hold against the Mustangs. With about 6 minutes left in the 2nd half, Poly had a turn around and was shooting almost back to back 3 point shots.  Shawn Lewish and David Hanson were among their leading scorers that changed the entire momentum of the game. With poly maintaining a strong offense and UCI not being able to answer at the end, it ultimatley led to a victory for Cal Poly. The final score was CP SLO 80, UCI 71. The leading scorers for Poly were Shawn Lewish with 25, and Maliik Love & David Hanson with 14. The leading scorers for UCI were Darren Moore with 19 and Patrick Rembert with 18.

Below I have highlights from the game. There is a short and extended version.

Short Version:

Extended Version:


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