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CSUN’s Michael Lizarraga on CBS and LA Times

CBS: Michael will be featured this Saturday (February 12, 2011) on CBS College Sports. It will air here in Los Angeles at 9:30AM (12:30 Eastern Time). The story is being produced by Alanna Campbell. I also wanted to say for this story, CBS contacted me about providing my footage of Mike. I am so excited about this, so everyone tuned into CBS on Saturday Morning and look for footage I’ve shot, and look for my name at the end!

This is Michael Lizarraga’s Senior year playing basketball at Cal State Northridge, and his story has been covered in a lot of places. For anyone that doesn’t know, He is the only Deaf NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball player. He really is a true inspiration for the deaf community and to people everywhere. When I was at Glendale College, I played Track and Field with someone who was deaf. At every track meet, he would have his interpreter there. Due to budget issues, in practice he wouldnt always always have an interpreter, which meant we all learned how to communicate with him. As I got to know him, I met other people at my school who were also deaf. I wanted to learn American Sign Language (ASL) and took classes to further my knowledge of it. As I started to get more into the deaf community, I got to see how all these people interact with each other and how amazing these people are. At first I was hesitant and shy to communicate, but all of them were very willing to help teach me about ASL and I learned so much. Coming to CSUN, I knew that it had one of the best ASL Departments in the country. There is a large deaf community at CSUN, and to find out there was a player on the basketball team who was deaf, was so cool. Anyone who has been to a game or has met Mike, they know hes very friendly and a great guy. He is a hard worker and this year he has been playing exceptionally well. He is a big inspiration to people everywhere – especially the deaf community.

People who have followed Mike’s basketball career at CSUN know that his story has been told in many different places. According to the newest article about Mike on,  he’s been featured in: New York Times (12/23/10), the Seattle Times (1/8/11), Los Angeles Daily News (2/4/10), Fox Sports Prime Ticket, ESPNU, the Daily Sundial,,, and three Los Angeles television stations, Channel 2, Channel 4 and Channel 5 … Will soon be profiled by CBS Sports (2/12/11, 9:30 am pt), the Los Angeles Times (2/11/11) and

LA TIMES: Today Mike was featured in the LA Times. You can click on the Photo below to read his 4-page story on there. They talk about his family and how he started playing basketball, and how he has continued to excell.

I am very proud of all the success Mike has had. All the CSUN guys have been playing so well and I wish them the best of luck with the rest of this Season!! They had a close game last night against Cal State Fullerton where Josh Green hit the game winning shot (Assist from Aqeel Quinn). Mike also hit a free throw at the very end, to secure their win. Stay tuned for more highlights and game information for this season!!


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