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MBB: UCI at CSUN 2/05/11

Going into this game, I had no idea what to expect. CSUN had just played on UCI’s home court just a little over a week before this game, and CSUN won by a buzzer beater at the end, so I knew that Irvine was coming for their payback. The first minutes started off pretty slow, and then the home fans really got going when CSUN’s Lenny Daniel hit a big dunk. It was starting to look like CSUN was going to take control, but UCI was not about to give up so soon. Darren Moore from UCI got his team’s momentum back in the game when he had a big play early on – he stole the ball from CSUN and went down for the fast break. The score would get close and then then start to form a gap, but CSUN maintained a strong lead. At halftime CSUN’s Aqeel Quinn hit a 3 point shot just as the time expired and the buzzer sounded off. The halftime score was CSUN 49 and UCI 40. The main part of this game was all the free throws. Both teams were finding themselves at the line quite often to hit free throws, so that really became a big factor to winning this game. The final score of the game was CSUN 91, UCI 83. 33 of Northridge’s points came from the free throw line, while 29 of UCI’s points came from the free throw line. The shooting percentages were fairly close for both teams, with UCI shooting 40% from the 3pnt line and 83% from the FT line. CSUN’s strong point for this game was with their FG percentage of 54.2.

UC Irvine will host Cal Poly this Thursday at the Bren Center at 7:00pm, and Northridge will travel to Fullerton for their game at  7:00pm. Below I have the highlights from this game! Enjoy

Short Version:

Extended Version:

Post Game interview: Lenny Daniel and Aqeel Quinn


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