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I get interviewed for latest Ron Artest article

Anyone who has followed Ron Artest’s career since he came to the Lakers knows that he goes out of his way to meet fans and throw exciting events all around Southern Cali. A few weeks ago Ron posted on his Twitter that there would be a game of sandball later that day. There’s a small group of his twitter followers and friends that actually know where the location is, so I headed over there and met up with about 20 other people. Online Social networking is amazing because I knew almost everyone there, and all those people I had met thru Ron – either on twitter or at other events hes had.

As everyone was playing touch football in the sand, I sat with some of the other fans on the sidelines. There was an AOL Fan House/NBA journalist there named Sam Amick and he came up to me and some of the other people and asked us for an interview about Ron. Yesterday he posted his article on the Fan House website and he listed my quotes from the interview.

Here is the section of the article where my quotes and name are mentioned

“I always tell people that Ron is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met — not just one of the nicest athletes, but the nicest people,” says 22-year-old Cassy Vasile, a Los Angeles native and lifelong Lakers fan who answered Artest’s Twitter call that involved secret location information known only by his closest social media friends. “If you spend five minutes with him, you realize that he has the biggest heart ever.

“He’s really just trying to be a supportive person. … He has really broken barriers for NBA fans. He’s not on some pedestal. You can really talk to him.”

Here is a link to the article so you all can check it out there! His article has video footage and a full interview about Ron as well.


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