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Community College Athletes

Usually when thinking of college basketball, the first thing that comes to mind are 4-year universities. Many people don’t realize the importance of the athletes and programs involved with Community Colleges all around the United States. I played basketball at Glendale Community College (GCC) and there were some amazing athletes in all different sports around that world. Because of the 2-year restriction of playing at a community college, athletes are constantly coming and going. The trainers and coaches are very important and helpful in getting these athletes to the next level. Being a student-athlete at any level is not an easy thing to balance, but these young people work very hard to play their hardest and continue their education. While attending GCC, I began to dive into the world of Motion Graphics and Visual FX. Because I had played sports there, I knew many of the athletes and for my final project in my class I wanted to make an Ad for the GCC Men’s Basketball team. It was my first video where I filmed everything, edited it, and added FX and motion graphics. My skills since then have improved, but I am still very proud of this video. It got a lot of recognition by the entire sports department, and it also was put on the (Glendale College Men’s Basketball Website) Back when I uploaded that video to YouTube, there was no high quality option, so since then I have re uploaded the video to higher quality.

I wanted to post this video for you guys to see where I started off and how I started my love of highlight reels for basketball! Enjoy:)


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